Amber V. Nicole - Gods and Monsters (2) - B-format PB

The must-read second book in BookTok sensation Amber Nicole's dark romantasy series! One of Book Riot's '10 new thrilling and deliciously dark romance books', now with an exclusive bonus chapter. Samkiel and Dianna are back! Where there are gods, there are also monsters ... When I burn this world to embers, and you paint me as the villain, remember, I really did try to be good ... once. Dianna is hellbent on revenge. As the last shred of her humanity is ripped from her, she decides to embrace her monstrous side and set the worlds alight. Samkiel alone refuses to believe that she has become the monster that everyone else sees, and he'll do anything in his power to save her from herself, even if it means losing her. With every realm now at risk from Kaden's army, and a myriad of new threats on the horizon, Samkiel can't afford to let his guard down. And as Dianna's thirst for blood only increases, he is running out of time to save them both ...
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