Amber V. Nicole - Gods and Monsters (3) - B-format PB

WHERE THERE ARE GODS, THERE ARE ALSO MONSTERS ... Ask her what she ripped from the very heavens. And then ask her if she cares. Betrayed and bloodied, The Hand has failed. After a desperate battle, Nismera, the Goddess of War, now rules the realms as the last remnants of Samkiel's power spill across the sky. Desperate to keep Samkiel safe after almost losing him, Dianna is willing to give up everything to protect him, even if that means sacrificing their relationship itself. But that's not a risk Samkiel is willing to take, even as the stakes grow ever higher. The one true king is poised to return, but when the dust settles, who will truly rule? Don't miss the first two books in this series, THE BOOK OF AZRAEL and THE THRONE OF BROKEN GODS!
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