Katharine & Elizabeth Corr - House of Shadows (2) - B-format PB

The second installment in the House of Shadows duology, a gripping fantasy inspired by Greek myth. Return to the Underworld ... Deina has finally found what matters most to her in all the world. And lost it. To save the one she loves, she's bound herself to the Underworld and an endless future of darkness. But not even her sacrifice is enough to secure Theron or her friends' safety in the mortal realm. Aristaeus has seized power in Thebes and his tyrannical reign is a constant, looming threat to their lives. So when Deina is offered the chance to destroy him and the gods altogether, she sets out on a new quest. But to succeed, she must turn away from everything she holds true. In a game with the gods, the rewards are infinite ... but the punishments are eternal. Be prepared for a nail-biting race for survival in this breathtaking sequel to Daughter of Darkness.
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