Sarah Daniels - The Stranded - B-format PB

The unmissable YA debut of 2022! A gripping near-future thriller: love triangles, betrayals and fights for freedom in a world turned upside-down ... The tension of Suzanne Collins meets the heartbreak of Malorie Blackman, with echoes of Station Eleven. Welcome to the Arcadia. Once a luxurious cruise ship, now it is home to the stranded. For forty years, they have lived, and died, on the water. A place of extreme haves and have-nots, gangs and make-shift shelters, its people are tyrannized by a country they can see but can't get to. A country that says it doesn't want them. Esther is a loyal citizen, working flat-out for a rare chance to live a life on land. Nik is a rebel, intent on liberating the Arcadia once and for all. Together, they will change the future ...

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