Stephanie Archer - Vancouver Storm (1) - B-format PB

If you loved Icebreaker, you will fall head over heels for Behind the Net! He's the hot, grumpy goalie I had a crush on in high school ... and now I'm his live-in assistant. After my ex crushed my dreams in the music industry, I'm done with getting my heart broken. Working as an assistant for an NHL player was supposed to be a breeze, but nothing about Jamie Streicher is easy. He's an intimidatingly hot, grouchy jerk who can't stand me. The guy has a massive ego. Keeping things professional will be no problem, even when he demands I move in with him. Beneath his surliness, though, Jamie's surprisingly sweet and protective. When Jamie learns how bad my ex was in bed, his competitive nature flares, and he encourages and spoils me in every way. The creative spark I used to feel about songwriting? It's back, and I'm writing music again. Between wearing his jersey at games, rowdy parties with the team, and being brave on stage again, I'm falling for him. He could break my heart, but it might be worth it ... Behind the Net is a grumpy-sunshine pro hockey romance with lots of spice. It's the first book in the Vancouver Storm series, and can be read as a standalone.
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