Stephanie Archer - Vancouver Storm (2) - B-format PB

The best way to get back at my horrible ex? Fake date his rival. Being the team physiotherapist for a bunch of pro hockey players is challenging enough without my ex joining the team. He's the reason I don't date hockey players. Vancouver Storm's new captain and the top scorer in pro hockey, Rory Miller is the arrogant, flirtatious hockey player I tutored in high school. And he's just agreed to be my fake boyfriend. I get sweet revenge. Rory gets to clean up his image. It's the perfect deal. Faking with him is fun and addictive, though, and beneath the bad boy swagger, Rory's sweet, funny, and protective. He teaches me to skate. He sleeps in my bed. He kisses me like it's real. Was he ever faking it at all? The Fake Out is a pro hockey fake dating romance. It's the second book in the Vancouver Storm series but can be read as a standalone.
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