an Gralle & Vibe Skytte - 111 places in Copenhagen That You Shouldn't Miss

Experience Copenhagen from 111 unfamiliar angles. This guidebook focuses on the places in the Danish capital that often go unnoticed; the unusual, extraordinary and forgotten sights.

Have you ever tried the city’s time machine? Played on a flying carpet? Taken the most scenic train ride through Greater Copenhagen? Or grown vegetables on a rooftop?

The capital of Denmark is small enough to be easily navigable, yet big enough to possess the vitality and pulse of a big city. Whether you’re a tourist, a returning visitor or an inhabitant, the city provides a never-ending range of nooks and crannies to explore.

Here, the authors give their personal tips for 111 places in Copenhagen that you must not miss. And there’s no mention of The Little Mermaid, Tivoli Gardens or The Round Tower.

Instead, the book guides you on visits to interesting, fascinating and unusual places in Copenhagen, a city that charms you with its mix of history, architecture and modern urban life. Each of the 111 places have their own stories and atmospheres, brought to life in the text and images of the book. This is Copenhagen for the curious who want to step outside the beaten path.

Jan Gralle is an architect and works as a freelance journalist. He has written several guidebooks about Copenhagen. Vibe Skytte holds an MA in History with a special focus on the city of Copenhagen.

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